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Italy ONE Youth Ambassador 2023

Published: Thursday, November 24, 2022

The ONE Campaign is an organisation that works with campaigns and awareness-raising activities to combat extreme poverty and to prevent diseases, especially in Africa.


The organisation is opening the selection for ONE's Youth Ambassador programme for 2023. Our Youth Ambassadors and Ambassadors in Italy, part of ONE's Global Activists network, are a group of 40 highly motivated young activists who conduct awareness-raising activities to end extreme poverty.

Each ambassador will be receive a special training, have access to high profile events, receive information and training on advocacy and campaigning activities, and be supported by ONE staff.

The programme is aimed at students who are passionate about international affairs and cooperation, and will allow them to develop skills useful for their future careers, such as the ability to speak in public, interact with political representatives and journalists, participate in high-profile events and carry out advocacy and campaigning activities.

To apply, please follow this link and send your application by 3 January: With this other reference, you will be able to access further information about the programme and how to apply:


In addition, you will also find instructions on how to apply on ONE's Facebook and Twitter pages in Italy.


Last update: 25/11/2022 17:32

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