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Seminar Climate Change and Development Cooperation | Thursday 23 March 2023, CLE

Published: Friday, March 17, 2023

AGIC seminars: Climate Change and Development Cooperation

23 March 2023, 1 pm, room D4, Campus Luigi Einaudi
With Stephan Klingebiel, PhD,
Visiting Professor in AGIC-UniTO from German Institute of Development and Sustainability

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The discussion will be recorded.

Check the attachment for the details.

What will we talk about?

The context for international cooperation is challenging.

This statement was probably always valid. However, in the early 2020s all regions of the world started facing multiple, cascading crises and fundamental challenges. The dynamics, the speed and the depth of those challenges are unprecedented.

Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 caused a major setback for all parts of the world. However, developing countries suffer much more from the pandemic.
COVID-19 has caused the level of Human Development to decrease for the first time since the Human Development Index was calculated.

The Russian aggression in the Ukraine since 24th February 2022 is a totally different fundamental and sad milestone in many ways. Core principles of the United Nations were brutally broken by Russia. A clear majority of UN member countries is refusing to accept this new form of imperialism and crude violence.

The negative consequences for developing countries are serious. Just with a focus on the price level of main food ingredients (such as wheat and sunflower oil), the war has already created huge damage especially for poor households.

See publication Special Coverage on Global Crisis and Future of Development Cooperation here.

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