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Building back better by deepening the integration of the SDGs in national, regional and local planning processes

Published: Monday, July 11, 2022

Ministry for Ecological Transition of Italy

Successfully implementing the 2030 Agenda requires an effective strategic framework, sound institutions at all levels of government, strong civil service skills and civil society engagement. Effective multilevel governance aimed at declining national strategic objectives at local level is crucial to strengthen the implementation process through a deeper integration of the SDGs in national and local planning processes. In this sense, VLRs involving directly different levels of government and Non State actors provide an opportunity to better describe efforts in place and areas that need further support.    

This side event aims to:        

  • Promote peer-learning dialogue on the main challenges emerged from VLRs in aligning efforts for building back better with the SDGs, and on effective ways to support local and regional authorities in this endeavour.       
  • Support the adoption of territorial approaches and the implementation of multi-level governance mechanisms and policies that are capable of empowering local actors in advancing the implementation oft he 2030 Agenda while respecting local, regional, national and international contexts.       
  • Share practical experiences from local authorities in declining the vision and goals of the 2030 Agenda and of national sustainable development strategies  at regional and local level and how countries are supporting SDG implementation through more integrated policy making.      
  • Support the community of practice on VLR preparation and on the role of local and regional authorities in the monitoring, follow up and review process of the 2030 Agenda, including through international initiatives such as the Local 2030 Coalition and the G20 PLIC.  

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