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How to apply

General information concerning the Unito enrolment and registration procedures can be found here.

As to AGIC specifically, candidates are subject to verification of adequate personal preparation (and knowledge of English) through an online written test. 

1) To take the exam [a pdf document can be downloaded with instructions on how to access the test], candidates holding a qualification issued by an Italian university other than Unito must first obtain the temporary credentials as "potential students" through MyUnito;

2) It is then necessary to register, again through MyUnito, to the admission test, using the credentials thereby obtained (Myunito> Registrations> Evaluation test). At the end of the process, candidates will display the message "The application process has been successfully completed" and receive a confirmation email. They can then print the reminder. NB: it is necessary to complete the procedure and confirm it. Note that, to complete the procedure, candidates should attach to the application the following documents:

  • Self-certification of the degree held/of enrolment in a Bachelor's Degree programme, indicating exams undertaken (required);
  • Motivation letter (in English; required)
  • CV (in English; required)
  • English and second language (or university language exam) certificates, if candidates already have them.

3) The test will take place exclusively online. Once candidates register, they will receive an email with instructions (1-2 days before the test) on how to access the test on the Moodle Platform (and on the day of the test they will also need to be online on Webex). NB: test and registration dates are reported below.
In 30 minutes, students will be asked to comment (max. 300 words) a short text or a map/graph/chart. In the comment, students should briefly synthetize the content of the text/map/graph/chart and provide their critical interpretation. There are no suggested readings, the test is based on candidates’ own ability to analyze and comment on the provided material.

4) Candidates who pass the test will receive an email with information on how to schedule the interview

If successful, the written test is then followed by an interview with AGIC teachers on candidates' motivations for the "Area and global studies for international cooperation" programme. The interview also provides an instrument for verifying formal admission requirements and for assessing English and other languages proficiency (note that candidates have here to exhibit English and second language, or university language exam, certificates).

Test dates to apply for a.y. 2023/2024:

  • Monday, June 5, 2023, 1.30 pm (registration from May 8, 9.30 am to May 24, 11.59 pm);
  • Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 1.30 pm (registration from June 6, 9.30 am to July 3, 11.59 pm);
  • Friday, September 15, 2023, 1.30 pm (registration from July 13, 9.30 am to September 6, 11.59 pm).

Candidates are allowed to take the test only once, among one of the three dates listed above. In the event of a negative result, candidates will be advised of the opportunity to take the test again in October. Please, consider that the October test will be strictly reserved to candidates who have failed the test in the three previous sessions, and no other applicant will be allowed to take it.

Students with qualifications issued by non-Italian High Schools or Universities are required to apply through Apply@UniTo following the procedures for International Students.

We remind that candidates should personally fill out the application form. The information entered on the application form and attached documents must be truthful. 

Applicants having the curricular requirements (see "Admission requirements") are admitted to an interview – in English – aimed at verifying their personal knowledge of English and second language, and at discussing their general knowledge on the main themes of the course program and previous experience.  If the candidate is not in possession of the curricular requirements, the Faculty Board may eventually allow her/him to enroll in specific courses of the Master's Degree.
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