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Recognition of academic qualifications

Students who arrive at a course of study of the Department following a procedure of passage / transfer / second degree can apply for recognition of credits earned in their previous Italian career. The administrative staff ( is available to make a preliminary assessment of the previous career aimed at recognizing credits for the new enrollment.
The recognition of a past exam is subject to the evaluation of the contents of the program to which that exam belonged. At the time of enrollment, can also be considered exams taken more than 10 years compared to the previous qualification, where the possession of adequate knowledge is demonstrated by virtue of the exercise of the related competences.
One is admitted to the first year if up to 40 credits from the previous academic career are validated; on the other hand, one is admitted to the second year if more than 40 credits from the previous academic career are validated. Anyhow, each case is subject to evaluation by the Degree Course Council, and there might be some exceptions to this general provision.

Students can check the approval of their requests HERE.

Exam integration
If the educational credits of the exams taken in the previous and validated career are lower than those of the corresponding exams of the actual offer, the Degree Course Council will assign an amount of credits called integration. The professor of the partially recognized module will agree with the student the program to be taken for the integration exam, based on the number of missing credits and the evaluation of the program of the past exam.
A necessary condition for achieving integration is the full correspondence between the scientific-disciplinary sector (i.e. SSD) of the validated exam and the scientific-disciplinary sector of the Course plan. The integration can not be higher than half of the credits expected from the exam.

Who, What, Where, How
Who must submit a career assessment application through a credit-recognition table?
Those who satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Internal passage from one Italian University program to another: students already enrolled in a course of study of the University of Turin who have submitted online the application for "Passaggio" to AGIC within the administrative deadlines of the academic year 2021/2022.
  • Transition from one of the previous national university systems (i.e. ordinamento) to the new one: students already enrolled in a course of study of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Societies that have initiated the procedure for the transition (e.g. from Italian Ministerial Decree 509/99 to Italian Ministerial Decree 270/04) , within the administrative deadlines of the academic year 2021/2022;
  • Inbound transfer: students coming from a course of study of another University who have started, within the administrative deadlines of the academic year 2021/2022, the procedure for the transfer to AGIC;
  • Abbreviation of career: students already in possession of a Degree that are enrolled under the scheme "abbreviation career" to AGIC wishing to apply for the validation of credits for the recognition of exams obtained in the previous university career;
  • Career revaluation: students who have lapsed or renounced and intend to enroll in a course of study and want to request recognition of their previous university career.

What do I need to deliver when I submit my career assessment application?
Students are invited to present themselves with:

  • credit recognition table duly completed
  • self-certification with exams down-loadable from MyUnito (if student already enrolled at the University of Turin)
  • self-certification with exams taken in the previous course of study (complete with exam name, number of credits and scientific-disciplinary sector).

Regarding the 16 € Revenue stamp (marca da bollo): it is not necessary to buy and present it, it will be payable exclusively through the pagoPA system after the invoice has been uploaded by the Students Office.

Where to submit a career assessment application?
The administrative staff ( makes, on request, a preliminary assessment of the previous career aimed at recognizing credits for new enrollment.

How is the career evaluation procedure carried out?
The administrative staff will proceed with the examination of the previous career, and then submit the request to the Commission responsible for the Course that will assess the request. The approved file will then be sent to the Students office (i.e. Segreteria Studenti) for online career upload.
The student is advised to keep a copy of what has been submitted.
On the dedicated page of the site will be published, from time to time, the list of career evaluations approved.

Credit recognition tables
In the case of a request for a career shortening for the recognition of previously held credits (passage / transfer / second degree), the student is required to fill in the credit recognition table to be submitted to the person in charge of the Course, together with a self-certification of the exams taken. The contact person will examine the situation of each individual student and proceed to help him in completing the application; if necessary, it will ask the student for a supplement of documentation.
Finally, the contact person will submit the study plan to the Commission which will evaluate them and, if applicable, approve the request for credit recognition. The contact person will subsequently transmit the study plan approved to the Student registry office.

Credit recognition table

The steps to be taken, after downloading the credit recognition table, are:

1. Insert the exams taken with the scientific-disciplinary sector (i.e. SSD) in the fourth column of the table, verifying that the SSD of the inserted exam falls within the disciplinary area (second column) and that the minimum credit limit of each area (third column) is respected. In the fifth column, enter the credits for the exam; conventionally the annual exams of the teachings belonging to the Old Four-Year Program (i.e. Vecchio Ordinamento quadriennale) are recognized for 10 credits. The exams for which recognition is sought may be divided into the various subject areas; this procedure is indispensable when the exams taken differ, with respect to their credits, from the examinations foreseen in the Educational offer of the Course.
The recognized exams retain the original mark therefore they will go to contribute to the final weighted average; it is therefore recommended to use (when possible) the exams with the best grade.
2. In correspondence with each exam entered in the fourth column, the exams indicated in the sixth column must be crossed (to indicate that the student will no longer have to pass them). Also in the sixth column, which represents the educational offer of the Course and contains all the exams included in the Study Plan, it is necessary to underline the exams that are to be taken (in case of multiple choice) and indicate the possible free choice exam.
3. Once all the exams already taken as well as those to be taken, and their relative credits have been indicated, the sum of the credits achieved as well as those to be achieved must be calculated and written in the appropriate space. The completed form will be submitted to the Study Plans Committee, which will evaluate the validation requests; subsequently the results of the recognition will be communicated through a publication on the website on the page Esiti richieste studenti.
The Study Plan Committee deals exclusively with the didactic evaluation of the recognition of the exams.

Students can check the approval of their requests HERE.

The procedures related to enrollment, to requests for passage and transfer, to the revaluation of the career are under the responsibility of the student.

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