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Digital Mediator

Newly-appointed Digital mediators can ease contacts between students, offer support for a correct and profitable use of e-learning platforms, help Departments and Degree programs disseminate information, and counter fake news.

The competencies of Digital mediators are specific to the various degree programmes and the Department to which they have been assigned.

Click here for the Digital-mediators page of the Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società.

The Junior Digital mediator selected for the AGIC Master's Degree programme is

  • Anas Mghar

office hours: Thursday, 4-5 pm, and Friday, 11-12am
Webex room

The Junior Digital mediator can also be reached via the AGIC general Moodle pageopen_in_new, and specifically by using this forum.

The Junior Digital mediator helps manage and monitor online teaching, can coordinate different communication channels, checks information circulated in non-institutional channels (especially by countering fake news and providing correct information). He also has the task of disseminating news from institutional channels.

The Department Senior Digital mediator works in close collaboration with junior mediators by coordinating and monitoring their activities, making sure that the planned actions are carried out appropriately in all degree programmes. 

Last update: 18/01/2021 09:08

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