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Summer School -- ToIndia 2023

Published: Sunday, April 23, 2023 by Tommaso Bobbio

India Silenced. Censorship, Repression, Dissent


Where: Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Turin

When: 26 to 30 June 2023

Deadline for Applications: 1 June 2023


The Department of CPS of the University of Turin is pleased to announce the organization of the sixth edition of the ToIndia Summer School, which will take place from Monday, June 26 to Friday, June 30. The 2023 edition will focus on the theme "India Silenced. Censorship, Repression, Dissent."

The 2023 edition of the Summer School will take place between Monday 26 and Friday 30 June, and for this year we have decided to focus on the dichotomy between an ‘official’ image of India (its history, society but also economy), dear to the government and proposed daily by the mainstream media, and undercurrents of marginality, fear but also dissent and cultural vibrancy. The idea is to start from the numerous debates on cancel culture, censorship and the suppression of dissent, the programme of lectures will ideally follow a path from historical contextualization, to current issues relating to marginal communities, economic issues, cinema and literature, as well as the press, politics, gender, marginality.


To apply and find out more visit the Summer School website

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