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Employment and professional opportunities for graduates

The area and international cooperation specialist directs and coordinates autonomously the realization and management of projects in different fields (including culture and education, environment, human rights, gender issues, humanitarian action and economic development). Its activities are conducted directly on site, in the offices of national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and in the third sector (operator / project manager or with coordination and management tasks in various fields), in public administrations (policy officer development / cooperation, project manager), in companies (professional development expert, commercial, social responsibility). It manages adequate funding lines to meet the needs, identified and useful, for co-financing initiatives, analyzes and evaluates the critical points of these projects through the supervision of reports and studies, contributes to the identification of desirable and feasible policy objectives, suggests lines of intervention consistent with these objectives. The area and international cooperation specialist also conducts research as an analyst and researcher, as a specialist in the preparation of specialized reports and area studies. It analyzes and interprets political, cultural and socio-economic phenomena and on this basis carries out consultancy and mediation activities for public and private bodies.

The graduate, specialist in area and international cooperation, is able to analyze the transformations underway in the countries in which he operates; knows how to relate with local institutions and associations to collect requests; is able to re-elaborate the information obtained to define priority intervention objectives. Thanks to the constant and participatory analysis of local life, the graduate has the ability to interpret both the needs and difficulties of development and the cultural and training demand. The graduate also knows the sources of funding at international, national and regional level, constantly and continuously monitors the structural funds, community initiatives, European Community cooperation programs, national and local public funding and knows how to interact with the various financing institutions. He has in depth knowledge and is able to apply the different methodologies used by the multi and bilateral cooperation bodies for the elaboration of projects concerning cultural collaboration, development aid and peace missions.

The graduate coordinates the implementation of international or local cooperation projects and monitors the progress of the work through periodic reports on the progress of projects, the results achieved, and the financial management. Identifies new areas of intervention and potential lines of project development. It manages the information campaign to disseminate the results of the project and raise awareness among stakeholders, also in terms of policy making. It is able to provide advice for the creation of new activities in the context of the transformations brought about by globalization and the changes in the labor market on a global scale. He has multidisciplinary knowledge in the various social and legal sciences related to the cultural area in which he operates.

In addition to English, he knows at least one language of the contexts in which he operates and is able to effectively communicate the results of his work through the main IT tools.

The natural outlets are mainly in the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in international organizations, in public companies engaged in decentralized cooperation (Regions, large Municipalities, consortiums of Municipalities), in the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, and the Italian Trade Agency, in research institutions, Chambers of Commerce, diplomatic missions, in private companies, multinationals and not only, in research institutes and think tanks, in the areas of Market Analysis or Marketing, in consulting companies, in military and civilian missions, in the conservation of cultural heritage and in tourism.

Management Specialists in the Public Administration - (
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Researchers and technicians graduated in political and social sciences - (

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