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AGIC seminars | State Reproduction From Below: Informality, Mobility and Unorganized Resistance in the Reconfiguration of Eurasian States’ Political Life - 27 October 2022

Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Abel Polese (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction, Dublin City University)

27 ottobre 2022, ore 10,00-12,00 AULA A2 (Campus Luigi Einaudi)

Despite a growing number of studies featuring "informality" in their title, little has been done to reach a consensus on what informality means, how to measure it and, more generally, to develop it into a widely agreed and shared theorization. This presentation widens the scope of informality research to apparently non-economic and non-monetary practices. Using a definition of informality as the aggregate of transactions that are (deliberately or incidentally) concealed from the state, it argues that the distinction between economic and non-economic informality is tedious. Ultimately, the function of an informal transaction might change over time. Empirically, this presentation foots on a national study conducted in the post-socialist region to explore: 1) the relationship between a person’s status (migrant, local, male/female) and their willingness and capacity to comply with state rules; 2) the main alleged motivations to justify lack of compliance with state rules and 3) the typology of informal behaviours used not to comply.

L’incontro si svolgerà in inglese.

Poster attached (pdf format)

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