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New AGIC Seminar: "Law and Development"

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Law and Development
Prof. Gianmaria Ajani

“Legal reforms” are dominant in the agenda of many Countries. This seminar investigates the role played by International Financial Institutions, like the World Bank, the European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development, or other supra-national organizations, like the European Union, in fostering legal reform aimed to improve economic development.

Its focus is centered on the function of standards like the “Rule of Law”, or “Good governance”, and on the local resistances to the globalization of governmental regimes.

Students will become familiar with quantitative evaluations of national legal reforms, on the
methodology used by the international institutions in measuring the impact of legal reforms on national economic performances, as well as on the weaknesses of those methodologies.

- April 4 10-12
- April 5 10-12
- April 8 8-10
- April 11 10-12
- April 12 10-12
- April 19 10-12
- April 22 8-10
- April 26 10-12
- April 29 8-10

Maximum number of participants: 20.
Admission policy requires the submission of a mail to exposing willingness to attend the seminar. The first 20 submissions, mailed within February 18, 6pm, will be retained.
Assessment will be based on a paper (4.000 words) assigned individually.

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