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Bianca Pomeranzi Prize | Deadline 3 May 2024

Published: Friday, January 12, 2024

The Bianca Pomeranzi Prize (henceforth PBP, or Prize) aims to facilitate the construction of a living, on-the-ground legacy of Bianca’s work and political engagement with women and for women’s rights in Italy and around the world. It focuses particularly on international cooperation, on the adoption of feminist and gender approaches in the Italian context, and the promotion of policies and programs in favor of women’s empowerment – work which Bianca pioneered. Whether in Italy or in the countries of intervention, Bianca consistently involved women from local associations, feminist movements, universities and institutions in the conception and implementation of the programmes she designed and supported. The source of inspiration of the Bianca Pomeranzi Prize is therefore found in this interweaving of perspectives, dialogues and skills, in their use to care for and transform the world, and in the desire to further it that unites the women and organizations that promote the Prize.

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