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Admission test for international students

Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Students with qualifications issued by non-Italian High Schools or Universities are required to apply through Apply@UniToopen_in_new following the procedures for International Students:

We remind that candidates should personally fill out the application form. The information entered on the application form and attached documents must be truthful. 

Candidates are subject to verification of adequate personal preparation and knowledge of English through a written test; access to the test is subject to the possession of the curricular requirements as verified by the Commission for the Admission of International Students.

The test consists of twenty questions of a multiple-choice type, based on selected entries of The Development Dictionary. A Guide to Knowledge as Poweropen_in_new, edited by Wolfgang Sachs (2nd edition, London and New York: Zed Books, 2010), and specifically: Development (by Gustavo Esteva, pp. 1-23), Environment (by Wolfgang Sachs, pp. 24-37), Helping (by Marianne Gronemeyer, pp. 55-73), Needs (by Ivan Illich, pp. 95-110), Participation (by Majid Rahnema, pp. 127-144), and Planning (by Arturo Escobar, pp. 145-160). 

Exam dates:

• March 20th, 2020
• April 30th, 2020
• June 10th, 2020

In selected cases, the Commission may grant admission on condition that applicants complete supplementary academic requirements.

The test (of 40 minutes ca.) runs on the MOODLE platform. You can reach it at on 20 March 2020, starting from 00:01 (CEST - Italian time). The platform can be accessed until (but no later than) 23:59 of that same day.
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